Ethical Fair Trade = Poverty alleviation, sustainable development through free trade + Triple Bottom Line + compassion and consideration for others. Simply Life. Amplify Your Experiences by Advancing Others.

We live in a world that is very connected, with high speed information flow, commerce and easy travel. Such technological abilities empower us to help alleviate poverty for others by promoting sustainable development in impoverished areas of the world. Life without helping others is not life, but something like a sort of phantom of life. 
We believe that people that have viable, sustainable opportunities are far less driven to animal predation and this benefits all creatures. Respect for others, compassion, and environmental stewardship are in-step with the heightened goals of Certified Humanity.  Helping preserve, promote skills, handmade crafts, artistry and self-dependence helps to alleviate poverty and despair.  

The Fair Trade philosophy is essentially about creating opportunities for economically marginalized producers, that is a crucial strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. We believe that the measure of humanity is the quality of our relationship with others and nature.

We can all learn to conquer poverty, despair and inhumane treatment of people and animals by simple adoption of the Triple Bottom Line, i.e., putting profits behind People and Planet. In a nutshell, the affect the business has on humanity (people) and planet is more important than monetary gain. Together with free trade ideals, a powerful formula has been established, an Ethical Fair Trade World.
From hand crafted musical instruments and global items that benefit third and emerging world collectives, we offer a curated offering of glamorously Free Trade items and art in a rich palette of carefully gleaned products. We are a mother-daughter company that stays true to its original precept —we make simple solutions for complex lives and impart joy where we can.

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