Photo gallery from around the world

Ethical Fair Trade World is on a mission to alleviate poverty everywhere through commerce and Certified Humanity. Using social media, commerce and travel to empower us to help alleviate poverty for others by promoting sustainable development in impoverished areas of the world. Life without helping others is not life, but something like a sort of phantom of life. 

Hand-making artisans spend hours or days on a single piece.

Peruvian weaver hard at work on beautiful textile pattern

Weaving silk in the traditional manual loom in Thailand

Woman weaving silk cotton on a manual wood loom

Close up view of a tribal woman from Gujarat, India hand sewing

Traditional cotton weaving in Asia

Traditional natural dying in Oaxaca, Mexico

A blacksmith in the smithy burns out a metal product in the furnace.

Close-up of a Peruvian woman working on traditional handmade wool production.

A lamb in traditional Peruvian costume

Elderly artisan manually braids the mat on an old homemade loom, in Nepal.

Artisan Weaver in Peru handmaking blankets

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